Terms and Conditions (updated 01-Jun-2021)

Every Customer who orders from PS Shop, automatically accepts these rules:

  • Ordering a homepage

  • How do i order a homepage?

    Firstly, you pick the layout you would want. Keep in mind the name of the layout, for example:"Breeze" and the code of the layout, for example A150, that are always stated on the layout icon, or in the bottom corner of the layout preview. Then you click the button (on the website) 'Buy Layout' and complete the order form. Make sure you complete the order form corectly, and do not yet send payment.

  • What do i do after i send the order?

    You await for PopScream's approval of your order. Afterwards, you send the payment first. When the payment is received, the finished layout will be sent in 2-3 days(mostly 2 days) to your IMVU Forum Inbox. You will be notified when the layout was sent.

  • Can i cancel my order?

    Yes you may cancel your order. You can come back any time later :)

  • Why i send payment first?

    Due to many situations of clients not paying for their layouts, after it has been sent, many works have been stolen and not paid for. That is why, starting from Cirqu V5 - the client always send the payment first.

  • Receiving a HP

  • How do i receive a Homepage?

    You will be automatically notified via IMVU Message about your finished order, and a link to your filedrive website, where you log in, and start editing your layout. Filedrive, and you will be notified via IMVU Messages right away.

  • I did not receive my layout?

    Please contact PopScream as soon as possible link. The issue will get fixed right away. It might be a connection problem or deleted messages.

  • When will i receive my layout?

    In a time-frame from two to three days (mostly two days). Sometimes there might be a delay. (Student life is hard)

  • Layout / IMVU Filedrive

  • How do I edit my layout?

    Every finished layout comes with a full tutorial(how to add the layout, edit and add special codes) inside the message with the finished order. Please check your filedrive account Link for the finished order file, and look in it for the tutorial links.

  • The layout isn't as i wanted it to be/ has issues!

    Contact PopScream as soon as possible link. The issue will be fixed right away. There will be no charges up to 14 months. After this period, additional costs may apply to fix your homepage.

  • I forgot my IMVU Filedrive password, i can't edit my layout!

    Contact the owner of the website GAF210 via message in IMVU or his email (located at the bottom of the site / contact us section) and he will reset your password very fast. Then you can login again.

  • Layout Name/Code

  • What is the layout name and code?

    The layout name and code are needed to complete an order form to buy a Cirqu Layout. The layout name is the title written in cursive on the layout icon, for example 'Breeze', and the layout code is the number of the layout, for example 'A140', also stated in the right bottom corner of the layout icon or the bottom of the layout preview (in the website version).

  • I can't find the layout name/code!

    Check the image of the layout you wanted to purchase once again. Look at the icon of the layout before going to the preview. There atre stated both the name and code, and also price.