Pick a homepage

Browse the homepages and pick one. Remember it's name OR code and keep it in mind :)
Example: Layout Name=Crimson Tide, Layout code=A181

Send Order

On the left side of the homepages gallery click the button that says ' Send Order'. Complete the order form and send it.

Wait for confirmation

Once sent, wait the confirmation of your order from PopScream that states further directions. Do not send payment early. Do so only after the order was confirmed.

Send payment

Once the order has been confirmed, you may send in the payment either via Paypal or purchasing the 15k Support Sticker from PopScream's catalog
(More info on the Payment's page).


After the payment has been succesfully sent, your order will be sent within 24-48hrs with a message to your IMVU account and filedrive account (website where you will edit your layout).