Piku - @ IMVU

ITS SOO CUTE it looks even cuter seeing the actual product!!! you're SO talented omg your layouts are defo the best, im smiling so much

Shizuka - @ IMVU

First off. HOLY ! That was so fast! xD Second, that is freaking AMAZING! The greens are PERFECT. So freaking spot on! That cursive looks SO good, too. I'm glad that it fit in perfectly.

Jyssa - @ IMVU

Thank you so much for your beautiful work, as always, my dear! You've such a talent, and I'm so happy that I stumbled across your shop!

SpyroDragon - @ IMVU

Awesome, you have no idea how excited I am for this layout. You have done amazing work for me, (...) but this one will be my absolute fav!

Fuuca - @ IMVU

I love! I thank you very much for your patience and help. For the next layouts I will know what I should do. Thank you very much again :*

Ritualism - @ IMVU

Thank you so much for your amazing work! :) I will surely keep this like a treasure!

MaIfoy - @ IMVU

OBSESSED w/ your new Harry Potter homepage. Definitely buying it soon. LOVE IT.

Jestina - @ IMVU

wow I am so glad your business is still booming. ive been a customer since 2010. YOU ARE AMAZING.

Mintypurple - @ IMVU

Thank you so much omfg I'm beyond excited right now!! - Much love♥

Condemned - @ IMVU

Woohoo! Thanks hun! Another great layout to add to the collection. I'm sure I'll be bugging you in the future once again.♥ Thanks for everything.

ldol - @ IMVU

Omggg, I love it! Thank you so much. :D

SwissAlps - @ IMVU

Thank you! ♥ I love all of the layouts and appreciate all of the work you have put into them.

Goho - @ IMVU

I don't mind at all you're my layouts queen! /cri (...) You're really talented, and since you make it with love that's just awesome! Keep your work going! ♥

PeculiarDork - @ IMVU

Its so perfect! I love it and you're so fast! Thank you so much for the lovely layout!!


You are very lovely and awesome as always. Thank you very much for being such a unique and carrying person. other than buying layouts from the shop what other ways can customer show their appreciation.

Ramure - @ IMVU

Gorgeous work; I'm so smitten with the colour theme! Thank you very much c:

Mononoke - @ IMVU

I hope that you know that you are absolutely amazing! You always have the most gorgeous layouts! :)

Djlexifox - @ IMVU

Your pages look amazing keep up the great work ♥

Negai - @ IMVU

I love itt!! I can't wait to spend my weekend editing the info. Your layout never fails to impress me. ♥

Axzya - @ IMVU

Im so excited!! Yayyy! As soon as I get back home I will read the tutorials to be able to set it up. Thank you so much. You are amazingly talented and very diligent. 😍🙏😍🙏😍🙏

Oikawa - @ IMVU

Thank you so much it looks amazing!!!

Humain - @ IMVU

Thank you ! I am so in love ♥!! I know it's a special request but I am so in love with the background, can I have the original image to use it at my room's picture ? (Aww)

SerenStarfall - @ IMVU

Thank you so much! Your work is amazing! I have been telling a lot of people about your great layout haha! ♥

Waldorf - @ IMVU

Omg thks you r so cutie ♥

Nervux - @ IMVU

Sure you're amazing ty so much

Kaguya - @ IMVU

LOL! WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THIS?!?!?!?WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?! I nearly spat out my tea! x'DDDD I was like "Wait wot? *Does it* ..... *CHOKES ON TEA!*" (Everything was working perfect)

LyannaStark- @ IMVU

Thank you very much PopScream. :D Have a nice weekend. :DDD

JinxedCoeur- @ IMVU

Thanks again for switching it over by the way! ; - ;
You're the sweetest❤ How've you been hon? :O

SpiritedFace - @ IMVU

Oh my god, thank you so much pops! You're so sweet. I cannot wait to order again sometime. love you. :) I'll be sure to direct anyone your way who is in the need of a homepage.

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Thank you so much, my darling! It looks absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to use it!

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Oh. My. GOD. My homepage is GORGEOUS!!!!! Thank you *so* much hon! I am in absolute LOVE with it. My boring default homepage is dead...long live the beautiful one! LOL