track your orders

date updated: 10/07/2020 View Finished Order >
  The option to view the finished orders right on this page is made for your comfort.
  Once the order is accepted and you've sent the payment, you can view this page to
  check if your order was sent or not;

how does it work?

Once an user sends an order form which get's accepted by PopScream, and has sent the payment for the order, he should check this page, to know when the order will be succesfully sent; This page is updated daily (except Thursday - break day) with the imvu username's of the persons, to whom the finished orders were sent. This option lets the IMVU users know, if the order was succesfully sent or not; Once you see your name on the list, you should check your Inbox for a message from PopScream.

what if my name is not there yet?

No worries :) that means that your order is still in progress and should be sent as soon as possible. Remember! if you did not receive your layout and it's more than 3 days once you've sent the payment, please contact PopScream as soon as possible so that the finished order message will be resent. There may be technical difficulties sometimes, so it's better to always message.